Forget About Nick Movie Review

If there one take away from forget about nich the first english language movie by german director margarethe von trotta its that nothing much has changed in the 20 years since the first wives club rang a familiar bell for middle aged female audiences. Successful men still trade their spouses in for younger models here the titular nicks new girlfriend is literally a model and their discarded wives are left weeping soul searching and or plotting revenge.

In this traditionally shot international comedy von trotta and screenwriter pamela katz who co-scripted the director historical movie rosenstrasse and hannah arendt have an engagingly modern though hardly radical outlook but no great new insights to offer about the unfair disparity between the againg sexes and their exes. The graceful english dialogue and new york city setting should anyhow help the match factory release to do some international business after its initial bows at the cologne and tokyo festivals and the helmers fans will want to check out how she fares in this unliely genre.

The international cast could have stepped out of a woody allen movie. The amiable katja riemann who headlined von trottas rosenstrasse and I am the other woman plays the 50 ish maria and nowwegian stage actress ingrid bolso berdal is a newly dumped 40year old ex model and now fashion desiner jade. Both women were married to nich for 10 years and both were left when they turned 40.

The villain of the piece played by turkish actor haluk bilginer from winter sleep is a relaxed 60 year old who appears onscreen only briefly though the whole story revolves around him and the chaos he creates when he shacks up with a 20 year old and signs over his flashy loft to both jade and maria unbeknownst to jade.

When maria arrives she looks startled to see that the old apartment has been converted from a reclaimed industrial space into a cold marble and glass design house. It was a lot more homey when she and nick were living there. She finds the fridge neatly stacked with unappetizing health foods and immediatly bakes a pie then starts redecorating by moving a hideous piece of modern art out of sight later she and jade will move it back and forth in a gag repeated until its dead.

Jade returns home from work to find maria casually installed in the apartment. she is still entertaining hopes that nick will come back to her and cant believe he has given half of their home to his first wife. Her suffering over being abandoned by the man she loves is sidelined by anger at this new dilemma. Then there the stress of her struggling fashion brand in deep trouble now that nick economic support is in doubt.


Forget About Nick Movie Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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